A recap and resource guide based on the Earth Day 50: IG LIVE conversation between Olympic Athlete, Lauren Sesselmann and Stone Sevyn founder, Kathryn Knox. It's long, but PACKED with information!


Being quarantined in nature has been amazing! Unfortunately, it’s not so amazing for IG LIVE! Ooops!

Therefore, my iPhone and I send our most sincere apologies for the “technical difficulties” during the first half of the conversation… and to the potatoes and Androids of the world who were wrongfully blamed!

Lauren and I covered a few “touchy topics” during our hour long conversation celebrating Mother Nature's Special Day... and we want to make it very clear that we acknowledge others personal choices. 

In fact, our only goal is to inspire others to venture outside their echo chambers by offering a different and also VERY authentic and timely perspective on living sustainably! 

We’re aware a vegan lifestyle is NOT for everyone. That said, everyone CAN make informed decisions, ones that lead to a more robust life for all. Furthermore, there is no one or right way to translate this narrative into a size that fits all. To think otherwise is nuts. 

Speaking of nuts, we’ll get to those shortly...


I’m a VEGAN FROM TEXAS and an environmentalist who doesn’t subscribe to the Greta Fan Club… more on that in a bit.

I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life and grew up camping while living and breathing all things fashion and New York City. I’ve also been organic for 20 years, vegan for 16 and actually did move to Manhattan for a career in fashion. Now, I’m in LA and by the way, my family still eats meat. 

Throughout the years, I’ve attempted to live this life “perfectly”, which my friends, is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. Anyone suggesting otherwise, especially the charlatans not walking their talk, swipe left!

Now what? 

Let’s start by clarifying what living sustainably actually means… along with a few other buzzwords!

For additional buzzwords, check out the Stone Sevyn Sustainable Glossary.


Lauren Sesselmann: I thought Global Warming / Climate Change was what living sustainably was all about? There’s an entire movement dedicated to this, right?

Kathryn Knox: Well kind of. The environmental movement has been hijacked by the Climate Change / Greta Fan Club… in support of both corporate and “charitable” agendas... ie: money and power grabs. 

In reality, we have humanitarian and pollution problems, which "amazingly" enough those issues have tangible solutions that don't include Green Deals or taxing ourselves into economic ruin.

In fact, it’s not governments, environmental organizations or corporations that will fix this. Rather, it’s UP TO US, THE CONSUMERS, to elevate our decisions and make better choices.

Translation: if we vote with our dollars, and put OUR money where our mouths are, brands and organizations are naturally pressured to evolve in a more authentic and sustainable way... should they want to survive.

LS: So, what are you wearing today?

KK: My favorite brands... top: Cali Dreaming, bodysuit: Groceries Apparel, jeans and sneakers Stella McCartney, rings Mika Cali, See Eyewear, Evolvh haircare, various makeup brands from Credo Beauty... and I'm drinking my mom's green juice special!


LS: Speaking of green juice, and food in general, you mentioned the other day that you supported hunting. You’re vegan, so I’m confused. 

KK: I know, I know... this get's me in trouble with my people! To clarify though, I am an environmentalist AND a vegan... I’m also from Texas, meaning I naturally think BIG (picture).

If vegans / vegetarians are being honest, they know not everyone is going vegan. They're just not.

What's the solution?

We're incredibly disconnected from our food these day - vegetables and animals alike. As with farmers, or even gardeners, if you hunt, you're intimately connected to your food supply... and in theory are only taking what you need.

The alternative to this of course, factory farming and GMO frankenfoods, are so much worse that I would rather support hunting and even some butchers over the atrocities that our factory systems have created, supported and promoted.

While I'm in trouble, time to mention that I'm also a BIG fan of both honey and milk!!!! 

LS: Honey? Milk?

KK: Yep! Vegans don’t like honey, because of how commercial honey is produced, but I support certain bee keepers and the organic farms those bees pollinate vs agave which is highly processed and our body treats like High Fructose Corn Syrup. 

As for milk… I actually make fresh organic almond / nut milk in my vitamix.... or if anyone from the dairy industry is reading this, I make nut juice! White, frothy nut juice to be exact!!!!