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... it’s about that first look

A magical moment when you enter a room and it transports you to another world. 

Where it sweeps you up… and

allows you to get lost in conversation. 

It’s a place where time stands still.

Established in 2012 by Kathryn Knox, Stone Sevyn designs events and experiences that weave in a modern and elevated approach to sustainability.  


Collaborating with thought leaders from startups to global brands, we reimagine the consumers experience in a way that supports successful marketing initiatives and business development efforts, while equally promoting more conscious consumerism.  


Inviting participation in this immersive dialogue, one where what we eat and wear, who and what we support and where our purchases are manufactured matter, through our Conscious Code we inspire genuine solutions to our very real humanitarian and pollution problems. 


Empowering our team, clients and consumers to make more informed decisions, together we create ripples of consciousness that make sustainability actually sustainable.


Spanning over two decades, Kathryn Knox began her career in Dallas working for the Kim Dawson Agency and then as a fashion show producer for Neiman Marcus. During that period, she styled and produced Neiman Marcus’ Art of Fashion shows in addition to producing their shows for CHANEL, Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani, ETRO, ESCADA, Marchesa and Temperley London.

ESCADA then relocated her to New York City to establish and direct their North American Special Events department. After three and a half years, she then joined Michael Kors as their Global Special Events Director, establishing this department on both a national and international level.

Throughout her entire career, Kathryn has lived a plant-based and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Although opposite worlds, this created quite a unique perspective and inspired her to find balance within both, authentically and without compromise. Motivated by this unique point of view, knowledge and personal lifestyle, Kathryn transitioned out of corporate fashion and in 2012 she established Stone Sevyn.

Collaborating with other thought leaders and global brands, she invites participation in an immersive dialogue where what we wear, who and what we support and where our purchases are manufactured actually make a difference.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Kathryn was a founding member of the Humane Society of the United States Humane Generation Los Angeles committee. Raising funds and awareness for the organization’s Farm Animal Protection campaign, in 2018 this committee helped to successfully pass California’s Prop 12, the most comprehensive animal rights legislation in the world. 

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