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Inspired by the ancient Japanese philosophy of repairing broken pottery with gold, Kintsugi entrusts an artist to reimagine damaged creations by highlighting the originals "scars" as if they were an intentional part of its design...


A metaphor for the art of healing ourselves, through this lens, we transform our struggles and narratives into a reality more unique, beautiful, and ultimately far more interesting than before.


How, exactly? And what is “our” gold?


Realigning ourselves holistically, we must first look at the biology of our beliefs, or epigenetics, which demonstrates how OUR thoughts become OUR reality.


Only then, when synchronizing our food to nature's seasons and circadian rhythms, learning to breathe and move as she intended, and retuning sound frequencies to heal our souls will we better benefit from and empower a more sustainable evolution of our bodies, experiences, and most importantly, our reality.


"but, without the presence of imperfections, the wonders of the world would  not be so breathtaking..."

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A wellness toolbox of sorts... compiled over the last two (plus) decades, below are a few of the people and resources - books, sounds, meals and more, who have empowered my own “repair", sustainably. Xoxo

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“Your current behaviors are simply a reflection of your current identity.”

- James Clear

Companies and individuals listed and linked above are for information purposes only. Stone Sevyn is not compensated nor directly or indirectly presenting or recommending any part of their data as a diagnosis or prescription for any ailment of any reader. If reader uses this information without the advice of a professional health care advi-sor, he is prescribing for himself only (a constitutional right). The authors and publishers release any and all responsibility or karma. Persons using any of this data do so at their own risk and must take personal responsibility for what they don't know as well as for what they do know. 


Information provided is offered as a guide and as one person's experience. While a certified Pilates instructor, Kathryn Knox makes no medical claims or specific recommendations, either direct or implied, for any real or imagined medical, health or body ailment. Always consult your health care professional or doctor before you begin any new diet or breathwork approach or health program, or before you add any dietary supplements to your diet.

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